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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Really Good In Theory

Karl just sent me the Official Really Good In Theory blurb. There's a meeting at Urtext for all interested parties on Sat, March 31st from 2:30.
Saturday April 14th
The Local Produce Market was a huge success last year and has expanded to include even more cottage industry record labels, zines, small press, visual art, distros, badge makers and more. Representing will be the likes of; Fuken Stoner; EC Productions; Blank Tapes; A Perfect Gentleman; Salvage Music; Patterns In Static; Smashed Records; Mercy Mercy; Spiral Objective; Noisy Disturbance; Ministry Of Zines; Paroxysm Press; The South Australian Institute for the Photocopied Arts; Urtext Films and much more. All will have their wares on show. CD's, records, tapes, books, patches, clothes, zines, badges, even, second hand goods, all at prices even the guy from that cheap shop ad couldn't believe. And then there is The History Lesson. A table dedicated to indie and DIY releases of Adelaide's murky past. All over the country there are old releases gathering dust under people's beds and in their sheds. Effort has been made to track down releases from labels like Pop Gun, Hip To Hate, Rim Of Hell, Greasy Pop and others to provide an opportunity for people to rediscover (or discover for the first time) Adelaide's pop underground heritage.Local art will adorn the walls and include such mediums as paint, photography and sculpture. Established and rising stars of the Adelaide art world will be on display for all to marvel at.then from 8.30pm for a cost of seven bucks you can witness the aural and visual joys of HOME FOR THE DEF, AVIATOR LANE, EMERGENCY CRANK RADIO and AVANT GARDENERS (who are also launching their two-years-in-the-making debut cd). there will also be dj's, light shows, films, hecklers and lovely people.
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