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Monday, March 05, 2007

Next Event - March 17th

Thanks to Wizard for the Tour de Suburban Storm Drains, which went down a treat despite me being so tired I couldn't maintain conversation.

Our next event is scheduled for March 17th. The run down of it I sent Excitement Machine goes like this:

Academy of DIY - Day of Workshops and Panels
March 17th, Karen Eliot Social Centre
Cnr Hawker St and Coglin St, Brompton

This is a lengthy day of, theoretically, panels and workshops but, more likely, picnics, shit talk and handball. What follows is the conventional run down of events:


12:00 Handball Tutorial
I figure we kick the day off with you teaching people how to play handball, and then you just keep playing handball until your hands are bleeding. It will be like a marathon.

12:30 Badge Making Workshop 30 mins
Anna Svedberg is organising it, but hasn't got back to me yet so I'm not sure what her plan is. I figure she'll let people mess around with her badge machine.

1:00 Making Wallets out of Soy Containers 30 mins
Laura Wills shows you how to make attractive wallets out of old soy milk cartons. I've seen one of them and they're actually pretty amazing. And cheap!

1:30 Non-Chemical Photography
I think Matthew is going to run a half hour tutorial on developing photographic film on the cheap using non-lethal chemicals. I have no idea about this whole photography lark, but I'm pretty sure he knows what he's doing.

1:45 Robin's Language Crash Course 45 hour - hour
Robin is getting a bunch of people to teach the basics of a wide array of languages within the shortest possible period of time. I think it'll be predominantly learning how to apologise profusely, order food and drink and probably how to recite select curse words. She's a genius, so I'm sure it will be amazing.

2:45 Ready Set Ride Bike Repair Workshop - 1 hour
Our pals at Ready Set Ride will be hosting an overview of basic bicycle mechanics. They're damn nice and they'll make your cycling related life a hell of a lot easier by teaching you how to stop your bike falling apart.

4:00 Non-Famous Rock Stars Panel with Nigel Koop (Blank Tapes, Home for the Def), Lara Soulio (Star Ten Hash), Matt Banham (No Through Road) and Mike Radz (Aviator Lane) - Discussing the nuances of recording, booking shows, playing rock and roll and not being a jerk about it. Most of the people on this panel will probably be drunk and at least moderately entertaining.

5:15 The Laura Butterworth All Stars Feminist Hour
Famous local feminist activists talk about being famous feminist activists, with the guidance of Feminist All Star of the Year (junior division), Laura Butterworth.

We have a late edition occuring from around 6:30ish. Sophie sent me an email saying she has a friend who, depending on whether she can get over here in time, would like to;
...present stuff on community-building in Cuba, based on her time there, which would include showing the film "The Power of Community", presenting some slides and definitely musings on what's working and what isn't in Cuba. She would need speakers, projectors, and a screen (I can organise a projector and the social centre has a screen).

And then, later that night...

Dumpster Cycling Tour with Roxy et al
March 17th
Starts around 10 PM, leaving from somewhere on Rundle Mall.
A cycling tour of city dumpstering locales with a couple of nutrition experts, giving a hands on display of doing your food shopping for free without accumulating dangerous stomach problems.

Joel is still in Africa fighting crime or whatever. He sent me an email yesterday telling me that internet access is a little dodgy in the Skull Cave, but he'll be home soon.


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