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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

General Update

Applications for the Zine Fair are flowing in thick and fast, but in other news:

Saturday, March 17th: DIY Panels, Workshops and Handball Tournament

It's already been noted that there'll be a language crash course, workshops on making your own shows and bike repair. However, the following additions have now been made:

Making Shit Music and Making It Well
Nigel Koop (Home for the Def/Blank Tapes), Matt Banham (No Through Road) and Mike Radz (Aviator Lane) talk about making music sans any form of funding, setting up your own studio, booking your shows and making yourself a legitimate DIY rock star.

An As Yet Untitled Forum on Feminist Activism
As run by the brutually charming Laura Butterworth, long standing feminist activist, and expert in good times.

I'm keen to hear from other people interested in doing panels or workshops on stuff they can do.
Also, I'm told that on Saturday March 3rd there's going to be a street party, starting in Victoria Square, to object to Workchoices. It's being organised by MediaStrike, who you can expect to see at the zine fair.


Blogger audrey said...

Hey Ianto, are there going to be panels on blogging? I know that the Fringe is running something like that, but it'd be cool to do one for the zine fair too. Like, how to set up templates and stuff like that.

7:02 PM  

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