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Sunday, March 18, 2007

DIYers victorious!

On Saturday 17th March, DIYers from across the city descended on the Karen Eliot Social Centre & Cafe in Brompton for an action-packed day of workshops, discussions, skillsharing and falafel rolls. Running for almost a full 12 hours, well over 50 people squeezed into the Centre for topics as vast as photo developing with coffee to contemporary feminist activism. An enormous thanks to all who participated in this event, and to those who ran workshops, facilitated discussions, brought equipment or ideas to share or made excellent food.

Laura Wills shares her wisdom of the delicate art of wallet construction from soy milk containers

Anna Svedberg's badge-making workshop (and stack of old comics) provide solace from the hectic pace of handball

Yasmin shares some Turkish during Robin's linguistic crash-course

Matthew spreads the gospel of developing black and white photos with such unexpected substances as coffee, washing soda and salt water

Bike lovers Bonnie and Dan (and Darren) empower the masses with basic bike mechanics


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