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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fame and Fortune: 2007 Zine & DIY Fair

Despite the sudden onset of autumn, March 24 saw zinesters, artistes and DIY practitioners emerge in their dozens to attend the second annual Fringe Zine Fair! Huzzah!

Local artist Laura Wills displays her enviable new range of stickers, soy milk wallets and artworks

Wollongong's favourite son Andy, one half of a dynamic duo completed by Wollongong's favourite daughter Maddy Feline (also in attendance but out of frame)

Adelaide's favourite zine import, Luke Sinclair of Melbourne's Sticky Zine Shop smugly surveys his empire.

Infamous Adelaide expatriate, scholarly gentleman, pony lover, street artist and art director of 'Bogue' Magazine, Chris Tamm pretends to eat a papier mache icecream.

Sometime zinester and Free Marketeer Sophie props up her trademark zine suitcase from the prevailing winds.

Greg aka. Musical Sherpa takes a break from the Spiral Objective stall to join the Sticky Pages Soundsystem and drown out the gentle sounds of jangling coins and turning pages.


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