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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ministry of Zines Resource Room Launch Party Details

Alright, the first actual event is upon us:

The Ministry of Zines Resource Room
Official Launch

Friday, February 16th
6 PM
Balfours Factory - Enter via the lane way running down the side of The Garage off Waymouth Street, opposite Light Square. We'll put signs up.

Thanks to a total lack of funds the Resource Room is basically an empty room in the Fringe offices. According to the Fringe, a successful turn out at events this year will affect funding for the zine fair in the future. And funding would mean me and Joel don't have to pay for stuff out of own pockets and we can help support people to come over from interstate. So come along, pack out the Resource Room and we'll all get rich beyond our wildest dreams.
Reputedly the event will be catered by Food Not Bombs, although I haven't actually asked them about it.
Afterwards we'll all go out and wander the streets and cause trouble.
Joel will be leaving for a two week conference in West Africa. He may not return, so come say good bye to him.


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