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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Zine Resource Room

The Zine Resource Room

21 Mellor Street

1st Floor
Inside the Old Balfours Factory/Fringe Offices
Open Seven Days a Week from 11 till 3
Until April 1st or So

I've had a few people tell me that finding the Zine Resource Room was a little baffling. To help ease confusion, here's an elaborate pictorial guide to finding it.

First you need to find Mellor St. This photo (above) is taken from the corner of Waymouth and Mellor, looking south. It's just opposite Light Square, a little south and on the other side of the road from the Grace Emily Hotel.

So you turn down Mellor. At the end is the Balfours Factory. In the middle is a Fringetix office. The doorway to the Zine Resource Room is on the right. You can see it in this picture, just a bit before the scooter.

The Doorway looks like this. I've put a sign on it, so it's pretty clear. If it's closed you might need to ring the doorbell, in which event one of the friendly staff from the Fringe Offices will come open it for you.

Then you need to go up some stairs (pictured). At the top there is a scary door. Don't worry. There's no one sitting behind it who will glare at you in surprise when you open it and tell you to go away. It leads into a little annex space thing.

Once you go through the door, turn left. You'll come out into an office space (pictured). The Zine Resource Room is at the back, on the right. There's plenty of signs directing you where to go. If you need anything, the people working in the Fringe Offices are all uber helpful. Keep a particular eye out for Rino and Penny, the most helpful of all.
The Fringe people are uber keen for us to use this space. If there's a proven demand they might be able to get funding for it and next year it'll include more than just a single photocopier. If no one uses it then it won't get funding and it won't exist next year. Thus, use it. Also, take in gifts of baked goods and so forth to give to the Fringe people. Any rumours you've heard about people working in the arts industry being either snooty or well paid are entirely unfounded.


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