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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Zine Fair Poster now available!

The poster for the 2007 Adelaide Zine & DIY Fair is now available! If you would like to be emailed a pdf version to print, photocopy and distribute, email madhorsemanofmarrakesh[at] Flyers are also available.

The poster includes confirmed participants for the Zine Fair, including Alistair Wallis (Little Mathletics, Fred Bassett zine), Antonyms for: Demure, Clara Tzara (Harrumph!, Cautionary Tales for Girls #69), Distruption Distro, Greg Wood (Spiral Objective), Ianto Ware (Westside Angst, Das Papierkrieg), Institute for International Grrrls of Riot, Laura Wills, Luke Sinclair (Sticky Zine Shop), Matthew Lorenzon (Glue Gun Records), MediaStrike (The Antidote), Philosopher's Sweat Shop, Those Meddling Kids, Trading Hearts Badgemaking, as well as Sophie Green coordinating a Really, Really Free Market, the Sticky Pages Sound System making a triumphant return and much, much, much more!


Blogger pipst*r said...

Awesome poster gentlemen! I would love a tiny corner of a table if at all possible.

Oh, I am so excited to be back in A-Town at such a cool time of year.

2:03 AM  

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