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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It's Official: Zine Fair 07

Dear Friends,

Please consider this your very own official invite to the 2007 Zine and DIY Fair, as organised by the Ministry of Zines and sponsored by Adelaide Fringe Festival.

At last year's zine fair literally hundreds of people from Adelaide and interstate made literally dozens of dollars selling, trading and generally giving away their lovingly hand made publications and associated DIY products.

It was so wildly successful that the Fringe has asked us at the Ministry of Zines to repeat the event. This year we'll be redoubling our efforts; there'll be even more zinesters and DIY enthusiasts eating even more delectable picnic foods and engaging in even more pleasant conversation.

Participation is free. Email us before hand if you'd like to book a table. The Fringe is once again providing us with a photocopier and a mass of stationary supplies for the day. You are encouraged to bring along picnic food.

What's more, there will also be a Really, Really Free Market, where everything is free! Already a stack of books and clothes has begun to grow in preparation - if you have books, clothes, plants or other smallish objects that you think someone might like, or would like to contribute in other ways, contact the Minister for Freedom at thesootyshow[at]

To book a table or voice your desire to take part please email the Ministry of Zines at kanbara[at]

The Fringe is also offering a Zine Resource Room for a month. Get in contact with us to take part in the Official Zine Resource Launch Party and for access to free photocopying and pilfered office supplies.

Were also attempting to coerce other DIY types to put on a string of events in the lead up to the zine fair, thereby continuing the Ministry of Zines' primary goal of proving there's more to do in Adelaide than sit around watching TV and complaining because all your friends have moved to Melbourne. There'll be cycling events courtesy of Ready, Set, Ride!, a Food Not Bombs contingent, valuable tours of Adelaide Dumpster Diving locales, city wide Cold War chasey, a potential Cave Clan tour and urban golf tournament plus whatever else we can coerce people to put on. Get in contact with us if you're keen to take part.

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Joel Catchlove and Ianto Ware
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Blogger Bogue Editors said...

Thanxs again for the invite to Zine Fair 07. Yes Bogue is still interested in having a presence: a half a table would be fine Thanks.

5:25 PM  

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