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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Return to A-Town

This is the new and extremely formal website for the South Australian Ministry of Zines. The ministry is organising the second annual Fringe Zine and DIY Fair, taking place on March 24th. We're attempting to get everyone else we know to do DIY related events in the month or so leading up to the zine fair thus creating a swirling vortex of DIY. This website is intended as the online forum for our press releases and so forth and so on.

To that end, here are some general news bulletins:

(1) I've put out a new edition of Return to A-Town, my critically acclaimed series of zines about the city of Adelaide. I've been leaving copies around town but they disappear pretty quickly because they're, to use the vernacular of the youth, 'totally rad'. I'll make up more this week.

(2) Animate Quarterly, which is billed as a 'live literary journal' is being launched as follows:

Thursday November 17th
La Boheme
36 Grote Street (Opposite Coles in the City)

I got an ad for it from Bel Shenk, of Sonja and Bell fame.


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