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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ready, Set, Ride! NIGHTRIDER!

The Ready, Set, Ride! team has returned off the back of their tremendous second Community Bike Ride with 'Nightrider'


Hello riding friends,
The festive season is near, but before you are all booked up be sure to add this date to your diary.
Ready, Set, Ride! NIGHTRIDER
Saturday 16th December – Meet Victoria Square at 8pm.

Now you all have a few good weeks to think about how to decorate your bike and dress up. Think sparkles, glow in the dark, reflectors, mirrors, fire, fluoro and flashing lights. Be as fun and as creative as you wish. Prizes will be awarded!

How many lights can you fit on your bike?

See you all there!


Blogger pipst*r said...

Here in Helsinki, there's an obsession with wearing dangly reflective shapes all over you now that the descent into the light lacking Northern winter has started.

Ghosts, Pirates, Love hearts, stars, Moomintrolls... And more!

Some are going in the post this week...

xo Pippa

1:29 PM  

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